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Slaps: Social Media Platform for Artists

Around since 2013, Distrokid revolutionized the music game for independent artists with its incredibly affordable service of letting artists upload their music and make it available on all major online digital retailers including Spotify, iTunes, Amazon Music, Deezer and more outlets still being added as they develop including now TikTok even making it possible for artists to tag and play their music in their posts.

But wait! That's not all they offer now!

Distrokid has since added a whole new social media platform called 'Slaps' released back in 2020 for artists who use their platform to be able to network and share their music with fellow artists in groups broken down by genre. This platform is an excellent tool for artists if used correctly to network and build with other artists rather than just simply look for views and plays.

As it is a network of artists, it is a great way to genuinely connect with other artists through commenting and messaging to start networking and building together. If you're digging a track, reach out to the artist to see if they would like to collab with you then mutually push the track to your audiences. Furthermore, if someone is currently posting, you know they are hungry and looking to build and that is the type of artist you want to work with, one that will look to build and push alongside you in hopes or reaching new artists. Even greater is that Distrokid offers a Revenue Share option for other artists who have Distrokid and so through Slaps, you both already are likely to have Distrokid and can agree on a fair revenue split and BOTH start earning on the track you push together!

Slaps is also a great place to find artists if you have a blog or music review online show, its also an excellent tool for finding new artists to feature to keep current with artists pushing out new music.

While nothing fancy, Slaps is straight and to the point. The more you comment, the more credits you earn to be able to post your own music. So if you are going to be commenting anyway, rather than a simple "dope bro" or "fire" in an effort to build up enough credits til you have a enough for your turn to post, really listen and see if it is an artist you really want to work with and start building with them. Remember, if you are just commenting and liking tracks for a chance for someone else to listen to your music without really looking to listen others' music, then you will have a whole platform of artists just posting and commenting without ever really listening or getting anywhere with music.

We at Philly Raw Rap are all about mutually pushing music together towards the common goal of getting it out into the world and Slaps definitely has the platform to help you as an artist do this if you know how to use it the right way and start connecting with other artists!

You can sign up for Slaps for FREE if you have Distrokid HERE

Be sure to check us out on Slaps as well HERE

Shoto Khan

-Philly Raw Rap CEO


Founded in 2019 by Philadelphia rap artist Shoto Khan from the gritty hard hitting rap groups Dead Disciples, Double DragonZ and the TerrorKata Army, the Philly Raw Rap music collective returns to bring you the hottest Philly Style Raw Rap from around the world!

From mixtape series with rolling submissions to Distrokid Distribution Deals we are back bigger than ever! With a ton of new completely FREE services, we at Philly Raw Rap believe that artists need to work together in order to be able to consistently make new music and collectively push it to new audiences. Disillusioned by the over saturation of pay for play services and a lack of substantial platforms to actually help artists grow, Philly Raw Rap was founded as means to offer an outlet for artists to grow together through SHARING artist responsibilities.

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