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Philly Raw Rap Returns!

Founded in 2019 by Philadelphia rap artist Shoto Khan from the gritty hard hitting rap groups Dead Disciples, Double DragonZ and the TerrorKata Army, the Philly Raw Rap music collective returns to bring you the hottest Philly Style Raw Rap from around the world!

From mixtape series with rolling submissions to Distrokid Distribution Deals we are back bigger than ever! With a ton of new completely FREE services, we at Philly Raw Rap believe that artists need to work together in order to be able to consistently make new music and collectively push it to new audiences. Disillusioned by the over saturation of pay for play services and a lack of substantial platforms to actually help artists grow, Philly Raw Rap was founded as means to offer an outlet for artists to grow together through SHARING artist responsibilities.

How Does it Work and Why is it Free?

Philly Raw Rap operates under the concept that you get what you put in. Artists who have Distrokid accounts can submit exclusive music, hop on tracks with open verses and get on our Spotify playlists with NO OUT OF POCKET COST! Instead, we do Revenue Shares via Distrokid with a concise break down of splits among artists, engineers and producers.

With artists having a direct investment in the music, the more artists on a track or the more tracks put out with various artists, the more people there will be looking to have the music heard. As such, artists involved will be pushing the music on various social media platforms, websites, podcasts and events. The more artists involved and the more tracks put out, the more people to push the music. Its literally that simple! Make music, you and the other artists share, all artists get a percentage. The more sharing, the more listens, the more fans the more money for everyone from the Distribution Share.

To find out more check out a few of our artist services below and start submitting music today if it sounds like something up your ally!

Distrokid Distribution Deal:

We are in search of Oldschool/Boombap MC's, Beat Makers & Audio Engineers to make hard hitting, gritty tracks with! Hop on tracks a-la cart to fill verses and get a SHARE of the REVENUE!

All submission are FREE! All tracks will be uploaded to the Philly Raw Rap Distrokid for distribution, meaning that if YOU HAVE DISTROKID, we can set up a REVENUE SHARE WITH YOU! That's right, all artists who hop on tracks for our Philly Raw Rap projects will have the option to have a percentage of the revenue earned from the tracks they are on DISTRIBUTED TO YOUR DISTROKID ACCOUNT!

Philly Raw Rap Mixtape Submission:

Submit your Rap & Hip-Hop tracks for our Philly Ra Rap Mixtape series for FREE! A rolling open submission, for every 20 accepted submissions a new mixtape will drop! Your WAV submission will be uploaded via Distrokid with an option for a 50% Distribution share as well as compiled into an exclusive Bandcamp version will be made hosted by our Philly Raw Rap team and special guests. You will also receive exclusive promo opportunities to announce your participation.

Spotify Playlist Placement:

Submit your rap & Hip-Hop tracks for our Philly Ra Rap Open Playlist for FREE! While primarily accept Old School Boom-bap Philly & NY style rap for our Philly Raw Rap mixtape series, we are open to alternative styles of rap for our Open Playlist! If selected you will notify you by email of your acceptance and you will be added to our email list to stay up to date on future Philly Raw Rap opportunities and releases.

Thank you all for sticking with us over the years and be sure to check out our latest release "TerrorKata Army EP" OUT NOW on all major platforms HERE

-Philly Raw Rap Team


*Your track MUST be Exclusive and not already uploaded to major distribution sites via Distrokid or any other platform *All contributors agree to allow Philly Raw Rap and other artists who are a part of the project to press up hard copies to sell as well as offer physical copies via online, in person events and elsewhere. *Hard copies will be available at cost for all artists who submit *Must have Distrokid to receive Distribution share of track


A 12 year veteran in the Philly Hip-Hop scene, Shoto Khan has opened up for local legends Reef the Lost Cause (Army of the Pharaohs) & Adlib as well international sensations such as Kotton Mouth Kings, Madchild, Wildcard and more. Teaming up with fellow Philly Hip-Hop artist Al Mal in 2010, Shoto Khan would go on to form the super rap group Terracotta Army with many local underground rap artists to promote unity within the Philadelphia Hip-Hop scene. Moving on to form rap duo group Double Dragon with Al Mal, the group gained quick popularity in the Philly Raw Rap scene. With over 30 albums and EPs under his belt, Shoto Khan is now in search of the hottest new MCs who keep alive the Philly Raw Rap style!

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