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MMA Music

In the spirit of Philadelphia's iconic Rocky Balboa and combat sport greats such as Eddie Alvarez, Bernard Hopkins & Joe Frazier, Philly Raw Rap presents the MMA Music mixtape series!


A collection of hype training music, this mixtape series features hard hitting tracks to be used as walkout music for MMA fighters, kickboxers, boxers and any other combat sport needs! 

Hosted by local and established MMA fighters & martial artists, this series gets you pumped whether its for an upcoming fight or to simply hit the gym.


Our artists offer a wide range of services for the martial arts, MMA, kickboxing and boxing communities for all your combat sports needs. 

Need a custom walkout track for your upcoming fight?  We got you!  You can view our service options HERE

Want to submit music for our mixtape series?  The you can do so HERE

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