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Meet our team of artists who we feature and represent on the regular here at Philly Raw Rap!


Shoto Khan

Shoto Khan delivers a high-octane approach to hip-hop music that is both forward-thinking and culturally unique. Deriving his name from Shotokan Karate and the great Ghengis Khan, he makes the listener well aware of his love for martial arts and Asian culture. His obsession with the various fighting styles has led to him crafting his music in an aggressive manner, with a furious delivery and a ferocious flow that is reminiscent of a cross between acts like Gravediggaz and Lil Jon.


Sleep Lyrical

I love all types of music not just hip hop. I enjoy rock, metal, r&b and gospel. I support all types of music. Martial arts (even tho I do not practice it) has always been a thing for me since I was a kid. To me music is kinda of like Martial Arts with all of the different styles and disciplines.


EJ Bar

Underground Hip-Hop Recording Artist From Allentown Pennsylvania Currently Residing in North Carolina.  One of the original members of the Terracotta Army.


Al Mal

Al Mal is a hip hop lyricist who was born in Long Island, NY, raised through out NYC and currently lives in Philadelphia, PA. His musical inspirations lie with his hip hop mentors such as Jedi Mind Tricks and Immortal Technique but Al’s much more than just an MC. He’s living proof that the American dream is possible. His parents were addicts and passed away when Al was a young age. He had no money and no job yet he still managed to become great in everything he did. Through his struggle he found his strength. 

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